How to increase Instagram followers without password

How to increase Instagram followers without password

Hey, guys it’s Malik Vasid here, today I’ve come up with another useful trick to increase Instagram followers without passwords. You may have tried lots of application and website to gain followers but they don’t work properly, and even if they do work they ask for your password which is a little bit risky.

I recommend you not take that risk because there will be chances of your account getting temporary or permanently blocked.

As we all know about the Instagram algorithm, they don’t allow us to use any third-party application. So when you share your password in any website or application, Instagram will know about it instantly, and after that, it is obvious that they will ban your account.

Many of my friends have faced this issue, that’s why I’ve come with a solution. All you have to do is put your username to get unlimited Instagram followers without sharing any password. Application name is NS followers, If you want to know more about to increase Instagram followers without password then read this article till the last.

What is NS followers?

NS followers is a tool that provides you free Instagram service, you can increase your Instagram followers within a second with this efficient tool. First, starting an Instagram account is not that simple to increase followers overnight, you have to post good content, have to be active most of the time. But what if I tell you there is a way where you don’t have to go through any trouble? Yes, there is a way.

NS followers will help you to achieve every goal for your followers with just one click. When I was new on Instagram I struggled so much to gain followers but nothing works, sad that I’ve never come across to this wonderful application.

This is a coin based application, where you have to follow others to get enough coins to increase your followers. It comes with an auto plus mode which is quite amazing, just enable that mode and the application will earn coins for you by itself. I know so many peoples are here who don’t like coin-based tool, I’m also not a big fan of them. That’s why I’m here to help people like me.

So if you want to increase your Instagram followers without earning coins click here.

How to earn coins In NS followers? 

Well, this is a very simple method, this application comes with a very easy interface that can easily understand even by beginners. It comes with two options to increase Instagram followers without password, first one is manual where you have to earn every single coin by yourself and the second one is automatic where you have to nothing just click on the auto mode coins app will earn the coins for you.

  • Manual mode- use the first manual method, you’ll see a big blue box with follow and get coins written on it, just click on it and you’ll get 1 coin, click on it again then you’ll get another one. Just like that you will have to do everything by yourself, and earn at least 200 coins to get your Instagram followers without a password.
  • Auto mode- a method also know as auto mode plus is my favorite one, because I’m too lazy to earn every single coin by tapping again & again. Auto plus mode is here to save your time and efforts. To be less blocked be sure to slow down the follow and set it to 5 seconds.
  • Tips- add your unusable account to gain coins otherwise your number of following will increase more than your followers. But if you want to increase Instagram followers without login of any account.

Then click here to get Instagram followers without any login

NS followers is safe for users?

Yes it is 100% safe, don’t worry about your account getting blocked or hacked because it’s never going to happen. Why is it safe? You don’t share your password here and that’s the proof for your safety. This application will increase Instagram followers without passwords.

if You want Followers on Instagram without APP click here 

Maybe you’ve seen and tried other applications, but do they provide you custom URL option? No, they don’t. But NS followers will provide you custom URL, you only have to enter your username to achieve your followers.

Easy Followers APP click here

You need an unusable account to earn coins and the question is why is it? That’s because you have follow other to gain coins and that will increase your following which make your account look weird. That’s why I always say to login your extra account but that doesn’t mean your account is going to get blocked, Even when you login with password your account will be safe for sure.

Great features of NS followers

  • Safe and clean application.
  • Zero login issues and error.
  • Easy-to-operate surface.
  • Auto plus mode with anti block.
  • Comes with 4 different language.
  • Free & paid service for every user.
  • Double the speed of getting followers.
  • Give you more followers than your order.
  • Gift code section.
  • Daily coins as a free bonus.
  • Add multiple accounts.
  • Followers will be deliver instantly.

Benefits of NS followers

  • NS followers is a must have application if you want to increase Instagram followers, as we all know after the update of Instagram’s algorithm it is become super tough to gain followers this is when NS followers comes to save your day by giving you dozen of followers.
  • This application is fully safe and secure, I’ve been using this application almost from one year and my account is still safe, so don’t worry about your account getting blocked. It doesn’t ask for your password which is again a proof that your account will be safe here.
  • It literally comes with zero login issues unlike other application which always shows error, but this application is clean & easy to operate. It’s a simple application that doesn’t need any complicated setups, it comes with a friendly interface so you can easily use it to get Instagram followers without password.
  • NS followers an auto mode for collecting coins, like what else do you need this application have everything to offer you. It’s not even time consuming because it have the automatic option with anti-block, anti-block tool is an amazing feature and most of the application don’t provide you this feature.

More advantage NS followers

You’ll receive High quality followers instantly, the desired account will get the followers in just 1 minute. Followers you’ll receive will not look like a bot accounts or fake account, they will look real so whenever someone scroll through your followers it will look genuine & real.

This app is completely free for every users but if you want to get coins instantly, it has a feature of buying them. Yes you can buy the coins at cheap rates or you can earn them, it will provide you both option free & paid.

NS followers also give you different language which I really found helpful because there are so many application out there who comes with only one language, and that one language is not even English. This thing makes so hard to use the application and they are super annoying. But in this application you’ll find 4 different language English, Hindi, Arabic and Persian.

Details and requirements

Application name- NS followers

Developer- NS INC

Compatible with- Android 5.0+

Version- 7.0.2

Size- 8 MB

Last update- 10-03-2021 Downloads- 14 million+

How to download NS followers? And how to use it to increase Instagram followers without password?

  1. Download and install the application CLICK HERE. Open the application and click on login with new method.Login Instagram account
  2. Enter username and password of your unusable account and click on login.submite fake account id password
  3. Go to follower order in the bottom left after earning enough coins. Enter the account username where you want to send followers, account DP will appear on your screen to make sure that’s your account click on it, add the amount of followers and then send order. set how much you want Instagram followers
  4. I’ve received my 100 followers and it was really super fast, and I got 10 followers extra for free. Make sure to set your account as public before making any order.get insta followers


Application is overall good and easy to operate, but Instagram doesn’t give permission to use third party application to increase followers so you have to take your risk while using this application. But you are login your unusable account anyways, so there will be no problem even if it gets blocked.

I did not find any issue at all, got my followers immediately and earning coins also have no errors at all, but if you face any error or problem you can contact me on my Instagram for help @Malik_vasid, also you can share your problem by commenting below I would love to help you guys.